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Company Profile

  • Lights On Venture was established in 2004 as a limited partnership with an unusual name “Lights On” it was chosen as an acronym for a need in the market at that time to find a messenger service Company with fully trained and switched On staff the business grew to a Company Limited in 2006.
  • The company’s Management and Staff have many years of experience delivering measurable outcomes to Customers in the management of messenger services. Our team’s focused dedication to Customers is the reason for the Companies consistent growth through the years.

Company Milestones

  • July 2004...Commenced operations employing 12 staff delivering 2,000 documents per month.
  • January 2005...Company Offices established at Rain Tree Office Garden.
  • December 2005...Website launched in Thai Language.
  • January 2006...Commenced Case by Case delivery services.
  • July 2006...Opened service call center for Customers.
  • January 2007...Delivering to ALL of greater metropolitan Bangkok including nearby provinces.
  • January 2008...Partnership program with Customer opening branch services all over Thailand.
  • December 2008...The Company employs its 100th staff member.
  • January 2009...Order online trial program undertaken with Public Company Customers.
  • April 2009...Delivery of over 40,000 documents&packages/mth.
  • July 2009...Expanded staff training center and facilities
  • January 2010...New Website launched featuring Thai and English with online bookings.
  • August 2010...Company Offices established at Nice Place 1 Ratchada Pisek Road Year 2010...Expansion of Call Center.